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Saturday, 20 August 2016

Rear wiring loom

There are four main looms for the car:
1. Front
2. Rear
3. Dash
4. Engine

The Font loom has already been installed, although not exactly as per the GD manual, see this link for the blog post.  The dash loom can be purchased from GD (which is probably preferable if using the standard layout) however I will likely create my own as my layout will be different.  I already have an LS3 engine loom, that will stay in the cupboard until I get the engine.

To start with a pilot hole was drilled from the boot in the bottom left hand corner above the rear axle tunnel, this appeared behind where the passenger seat will be. I then opened this out to around 15mm and cut a strip out below this to allow the loom to fold downwards.

The loom is then fed through bit by bit from the cockpit, around the near side and behind the boot latch striker plate. The front part goes down the rear bulkhead, along the transmission tunnel then half way up the front bulkhead where it will meet the front loom behind the dash.

Within the boot, the loom follows the corner down the axle tunnel, across the floor and along the rear edge finishing at the offside rear lights. There are 3 main bunches of wires:
  1. Fuel system (fuel pump, level sender)
  2. Nearside rear lights
  3. Offside rear lights
There is also a lead just as it enters the boot for the number plate light and provision for reverse and fog are available at either side rear lights.  The loom comes with crimped bullet connections but I've changed these for Superseal connectors (for the lights at least) as they lend themselves better to being disconnected/reconnected repeatedly and offer a more OEM look.

Drilling hole in to cockpit area

Loom behind passenger seat position (looking rearward)

Number plate light lead just inside boot

Fuel system bundle

Nearside lights

Loom goes behind boot latch plate to offside lights

Superseal plugs

Rear loom connects to front loom behind dash (black & white plugs)

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