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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Chassis Collection

I was hoping to use the August bank holiday weekend to assembly as much of the chassis, thankfully GD had it ready for collection on the 23rd so I booked the day off work.  I have a double garage but with shelving all down one side and other equipment down the other, it would have been a squeeze with both the body and chassis in there. I didn't want to just leave it outside so I had to think outside the box.

Old 4 man tunnel tent is a perfect fit for a Cobra!
With the garage clear I set off to Grantham, roof bars fitted and trailer in tow.  I had previously dropped of my engine/gearbox at the open day in May as GD needed it to fabricate the engine mounts, so that would go in the trailer, the chassis on the roof and the many boxes of other bits filled the boot.

Chassis is only about 75kg so easily goes on the roof (didn't do much for my fuel economy though!)

Thankfully I have a large estate car
The first task on the list when I got it home was to lay everything out and identify what goes where and with what etc.  It turned out there were a few bits missing but a quick email to GD has those in the post.
Front suspension components

Rear suspension components

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