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Saturday, 26 September 2015

GD Factory Visit

Today I visited the GD Factory to meet Andy & Meena, who greeted me with a cup of tea which is always a good way to get my business.  They are thoroughly nice people who have all the time in the world for you and Andy's passion for the cars he builds is infectious.  Being an engineer myself I was like a kid in a sweet shop walking around the factory looking at all the machinery and seeing cars in various states of build.

They had there Mk3 demonstrator as well a Mk4 on show and Andy took every one out for a spin which was fantastic.  I'd been out on the track at Castle Combe in June which was amazing, but it was great to see how the car performs on the open road as that is where is will spend most of it's time.  I was surprised to see how civil and comfortable it could be compared to the brutality on the track and that is a real selling point for me.

I presented my colour scheme which they loved and spoke about the option of replacing the grey stripes with carbon in lay and clear gel which (I think) would look incredible.  It  would difficult but achievable and Andy will knock up a sample panel to see how it turns out before I make a final decision.

So that's it, order form filled in and deposit placed which should have my body ready mid/late January, can't wait....

Chassis under construction
Two finished EURO chassis complete with LS3 engine ready for delivery
Body shell straight out of the mould
Fantastic gel coat surface finish even without any polishing
GD Mk3R demonstrator

Mk4 in background with Andy Burrows

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