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Friday, 3 February 2017

Engine Update 3

The engine has been stripped down externally, all the parts media blasted and painted. As the outside of the car is loud I decided to be a bit more restrained with the engine colour scheme using a matt black and graphite grey two tone, the only orange parts so far are the fuel rails.

I stripped the original Lexus wiring loom to its bare neceasities and have begun rerouting and sleeving the loom completely. I can't go much further with that until I have the gearbox mounted and decided on the oil temperature, oil pressure and MAF sensor locations.

With regards to the gearbox, I have ordered the following:
1. Adapter plate - Ford TKO to Lexus bellhousing (SWR Motorsport)
2. Reducing sleeve to fit TKO pilot bush in 1UZ crank (SWR Motorsport)
3. Custom flywheel and clutch (TTV Racing)
4. Tilton 6102 concentric clutch slave cylinder (from Jegs in USA)
5. ARP flywheel bolts

The above should allow me to finally connect the engine to the gearbox and finish the wiring loom. Then I can cart the lot off up to GD so they can design the mounts to fit it in the chassis.

Normally you run the engine to help cure the paint but that will be a while away so had to improvise 

Loom being sleeved one sensor at a time

Individual sensor wires come together to progressively build the loom from front back

Very time consuming but worth the effort I think 

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