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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Body Skate

I should hopefully be picking up the body on 28th Feb so it's time to make sure the garage is ready to receive it.

I bought a new Halfords Industrial tool box (in orange of course) to properly organise my tools and also free to cupboard space for storing the many Cobra bits which will soon need somewhere to live.

Tonight I decided to build a skate for the body to sit on and used Dale's blog as a starting point, but just used what timber I had lying around rather than buying new.

This is what I used:
- 2 off 1370 x 610 x 18mm thick plywood
- 4 off 250mm legs cut from 5" square post
- various off cuts of 18mm OSB as side bracing
- 5 off 3" square posts
- 4 off 8" (200mm) swivel and braked castors
- Loads of screws and a few bolts

1. I placed the plywood on the floor and cut some of the OSB to form a box the same size as the plywood.
2. The 5" square posts were then placed in each corner and fixed to the OSB with drywall screws from the outside.
3. The 3" square posts were cut to length and placed around the edge in between the legs. I then screwed through the OSB sides and plywood top in to these. The 5th one was placed acros beneath the join the ply.
4. Two strips of OSB were fixed across between the feet.
5. The casters were then screwed and bolted to these cross pieces. 

This has given me a skate 1220mm(W) x 1370mm(L) x 530mm(H) which should give me a good working height. 

OSB used to create a box giving lateral stiffness 

Here you can see how the 3" square posts were used

8" casters should make it easier to roll outside if I need the garage for something else

Almost finished, just waiting for some 3mm ribbed rubber matting for the top

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